Red Japer Worry Stone

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Nurturing, Grounding, Stabilizing & Calming
Element: Earth
Primary Chakras: Root, Sacral
Astrological signs: Aries, Scorpio, Virgo


Red Jasper Worry Stone

Red Jasper is perfect to use in any healing session or in your meditations, a this stone is full of grounding Earth Energy. Red Jasper can connect us to the vibrations of the Earth, bringing a greater understanding and furthering our knowledge of the connection between humans and nature. Red Jasper is a good stone to ground anyone who is overly sensitive to energy changes and aids in resolving difficult situations, can be used to ground and stabilize the Aura. Red Jasper helps us work towards our goals, and lets us implement the changes needs to achieve them, as well as tapping into our creativity when finding solutions.

Red Jasper can also be used to stimulate the Root Chakra, but many use it as a calming stone as well. 

 “With this stone, I channel my inner warrior”