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Pretty in pink, our Rhodonite Stone brings all shades of pink to light up your life. Rhodonite is all about putting yourself in a healthy healing place so you can send your loving vibes back out into the world.

 Like many rose-red and pink stones, Rhodonite is deeply connected to the heart chakra. For those who feel like they need a helping hand in overcoming fear, forgiving, giving and receiving compassion, and being open to true open-hearted authentic and healthy love , this is the stone you need to have with you. Harnessing peace and bringing healing vibrations into your life, it wards the pull of toxic relationships, heals the heart and softly invigorates, waking up strength you never knew you had. It goes without saying that as a stone of deep love, Rhodonite comes with more than a pinch of positivity, joy and healing energy. If you feel like you need some added power in reducing the negative energy in your life then you can also pair Rhodonite with Sugilite for even more intense action. 

For anyone who has ever wanted to find the capacity to grow their love and give back to the world, Rhodonite is the Stone for you. All love starts with self-love!

Intentions: Love, Courage, Compassion, Self Love, Relationships,
Emotional balance & internal healing
Chakra: Heart & Root
Element: Earth & Fire
Weight: 340g

 Mantra: “ I open my heart and in return receive love for myself and others.”

Rhodonite is the stone that connects with your heart and mind, calming and balancing your emotions. It helps with self-reflection, aiding in the process of acceptance and forgiveness, leading you to recognize and appreciate your talents and inner strength, re-energizing your spiritual journey and feeling of self-worth. While it inspires self-love, it also inspires love for others and compassion, as well as forgiveness. Rhodonite is one of the best Heart Chakra stones and helps to remove any energy blockages surrounding your heart, and attracts reciprocation of feelings and emotions. It can be beneficial to help soothe relationship problems, and facilitates unconditional love. 

Gemstones are natural materials and each gemstone is unique, photographs can also enhance, distort or diminish our gemstone natural beauty. Please note that our stone colors may vary slightly from piece to piece; making your stone one-of-a-kind and beautifully unique, just like you.
All properties attributed to the gemstones sold by Eclectic Alchemy Co are based on personal experiences, folklore, opinions, ancient beliefs and/or traditions.  The products and information are NOT intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, nor replace professional medical advice.