Selenite Pendant Necklace

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Selenite, the ethereal soft stone that caries the meaning of clarity and consciousness. Also known as the “Gemstone of Purification” the Selenite stone is awash in otherworldly wonder. Instantly soothing, Selenite has a long history of being a beloved goddess stone and is said to bring protection, harmony, and soul healing to your body, mind, and home. This is a delicate stone that balances and cleanses, it is a highly spiritual stone and is often treated as such. Selenite can be popular for those who want to conduct energy, and the stones and gemstone jewelry containing Selenite help us open up to higher frequencies and messages from the universe. Selenite protects and connects you to the world around you.
All crystals are earth mined gemstones and each crystal is one of a kind. Stones may contain natural inclusions, there will be slight size differences to stones as they are all unique.
Gold plated silver necklace approx 18 in
Gemstone pendant approx 1.5 in