Cleansing Smoke Blend

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This herbal aromatic blend is crafted with high quality, sustainable herbal choices. It is made with the intent to cleanse, purify and remove blockages, bringing forth the feeling of calm and positivity. Our cleansing smoke blend is prepared with Sage for cleansing and clarity of thought , Rosemary for purifying and neutralizing negative energies, Peppermint to uplift and heal the Spirit and soothing, calming Lavender to bring it all together.

****1 oz. of herbal blend in reusable tin and 1 charcoal tablet included.

To use:

Light charcoal disk inside a heat-safe dish, cauldron or incense burner. Sprinkle desire amount of herbs on smoldering disk. Please make sure that both herbs and charcoal disk are completely out before leaving unattended. Make sure that space is ventilated enough to support this kind of burning.

Keep out of reach of children, animals and flammable material. Be careful to smoke herbs in a safe environment and never leave flame unattended.

When buying charcoal disks please make sure to buy the ones appropriate for burning incense as the wrong kind (like those you use for grilling!) can emit dangerous fumes.

Hints/ Tips:

*Place at least 2 inches of sand at the bottom of heat dafe dish to properly insulate your charcoal tablet.

*Light from the side and expect  crackling and popping sounds!

*wait for disk to durn a grayish hue on the outside ring before placing incense on top of it, you want the herbs to smolder.

*Never touch the heated disk!

Herbal incense has been used for centuries in cleansing, rituals, healings and ceremonies, use accordingly and manifest your intentions, may it serve you well!