Celestial Candle

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The Celestial Candle is handcrafted in Puerto Rico with love & intention. Our candles are made in micro batches, crafted with hand-poured 100% soy wax, essential oils, corresponding herbs and gemstones, bathed in reiki energy & intention. Our Celestial Candle is intended to be a tool for you to use to focus your intentions on. Use this candle to help you discover the magic that lies within you. This candle is set in our white 8oz tin.

Celestial beings are dwellers of heaven, our angels, and we trust them to guide and guard us. They connect us to our true purpose and accompany us in our life journey. The Celestial Candle is an homage to our angels in heaven and earth.

Crystals:  Citrine, Amazonite, Amethyst, Agate & Quartz
Scents: Sandalwood & Vetiver
Herb: Mullein

Light your Celestial candle and call your angels.
" I am connected to a deeper purpose, I empower my thoughts and let them weave into the fiber of the universe."
Because of the loose herbs in this product, be sure to keep an eye on the candle while burning and place it on a fireproof surface to avoid a fire hazard. Never leave your candles unattended, and keep away from children and pets!

Our products are sold as curios and are not to be used in place of professional advice.