Eclectic Alchemy Candles - 101

Ask and you shall receive, it is time to manifest the life you desire and deserve…

How will an Intention Candle help you manifest your dreams?

Using an intention candle is a way to communicate and affirm ideas, hopes and desires. The candle serves as an external place to focus and direct your intention out in the world. An intention candle is perfect for setting goals and working to realize your dreams. Our thoughts are our most powerful gift and we all have the power to create the life we want to live by setting new intentions for ourselves.

How to use an intention candle?

Intention Candles can be used anytime of the year, any day, at any moment, and the best moment is the one that just feels right or needed.  

When to light your intention candle?

Whenever your heart desires it! When you light the candle, you are focusing on your intention.

How to create and uncover your intention?

Sit quietly, close your eyes and take deep and slow breaths. Re-affirm what your intentions are and visualize them manifesting. Remember, our thoughts are powerful!

Imagine – 

  1. Write down ONE thing that you are aspiring to in the future, but from the perspective of the NOW. Visualize your future self in the present moment. Picture how you want to feel when you have manifested your intention and see the end result.

Reflect – 

  1. Reflect on your future self. Visualize details. Visualize yourself happy, supported, loved, prosperous. 
  2. Reflect on why this intention is important to you? What is your motivation? How does this choice benefit and elevate your life and the lives of others?

Ascend –

  1. Write down ONE thing that you can do in the next month to put your idea in motion. Visualize to manifest, start taking action, it's time to make a move!

Release – 

  1. Write down ONE thing that you are willing to release to achieve your goal. 
  2. Write down ONE thing that you will gain though this release.

Grateful – 

  1. List ONE thing that you are grateful for in your life? List ONE way in which you intention is already supported? WRITE intentions on a journal, be specific: “I have a loving relationship” or “Great new job”, etc. Gratitude is the key to success!

How long to burn your candle?

Soy candles should NOT be burned continuously. Only burn your candle for four hours at a time. Keep wicks trimmed to ¼”.  Candles should NOT be left unattended for safety reasons. Burn candles on a protective, heat-resistant surface. Snuff out the candles – do not blow. Once you blow it out, you’re saying it’s done, it’s over; but if you snuff it out, then you can relight it as many times as needed. Intention is important but so is your safety!

Where to place your intention candle:

Find a clean area in your home where the candle won’t be disturbed, clear the area of anything that doesn’t relate to your intention, and surround it with things that do, for example your gemstones are a great way to elevate the frequency of your intention!

When your candle is finished burning:

When the candle is finished, remember to pause and show gratitude. Acknowledge what you’ve achieved, give thanks for anything already in motion. Ultimately, it’s you that’s going to have to do the work. The candle’s going to help serve as a reminder, be a symbolic ritual to help you get started, and motivate you to keep going and do your part to make your dreams happen. The candle is a tool but you are the key!


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